Authorize your Driving School

It’s a bit of a ‘strange’ decision by the CBR to not make it possible for yourself to just book a practical driving exam, but hey, who are we to question the government right?

Basically, you as an individual have to authorize us, as a driving school, to book a practical exam for you at the CBR  Exam Centre.  Authorizing us is fairly easy if you simply follow the steps below. There are two options, the first one is for the ones who have a so called DigiD. A digid is basically a account you have personally at the government office and which will help you with all kind of government/legal stuff.

Like, let's say you move to a different home or city, a digid will let you do that perticular process digitally. It does require username and password which you will have to apply for, really easy but will take a couple of days to receive. Don't worry if you don't have a DigiD because the second option is for people who don't have a digid.


You do need access to a computer and, if you don’t have a DigiD, a printer along with an envelope and a stamp. You may have to print out the authorization form, fill it out and then send it to the CBR through regular mail.

Authorize a Driving School with a DigiD (Option 1)

  • 1
    ​First off you are going to need a so called ‘rijschoolnummer’ (that Dutch for ‘driving school number’.  If you are one of Rijschool WTF’s students, no need to look nothing up, our unique number is: 4038F0. If you are a student at one of the other Driving Schools in Utrecht​, you will have to look their unique number up. You can do that here. You will be landing on a Dutch site ​and you will need to either click on the city that you are in or by searching by Driving School Name. Once you have located the name of your driving school, right below that name you will find the unique driving school number (rijschoolnummer). Please write that number down, you will need it later.
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    Now you will have to make sure you have your DigiD username and password credentials. Don’t have a digid yet?​ or ​did you lose your login credentials? Be Aware: It will take up to 5 business days for the credentials to arrive at your home.
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    ​So now you will have to log in to My CBR using your DigiD login credentials. To do all that click here to go to ​My CBR, then click on the blue “Inloggen Mijn CBR” button on the right-hand side. Here you need to put in your username and password and click “Inloggen”.
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    ​Ok, you have just logged into My CBR, congrats we’re almost there. First click on “Rijschool machtigen”, ​now you will arrive on a page that’s called ‘Mijn machtiging’ (top left, written in orange), under the heading ‘Mijn machtiging voor een praktijkexamen (auto)’ click on the “rijschool machtigen” button. Finally, here you’re going to give the actual authorization to your driving school to book an exam and it consists of two steps. At step 1 you, again, have to ​put in the ‘driving school number’. Once again, our number is: 4038F0, so put that number in and hit “Volgende stap”.
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    At the second (and last) step you will have to fill out some personal info like your name and address and if you are done please press “Machtigen”.

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Authorize a Driving School without a DigiD (Option 2)

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    ​​Like option 1 you will need a rijschoolnummer (driving school number), every driving school has an unique number. If you are taking driving lessons at Rijschool WTF, you can use this number: 4038F0. For all the other driving schools you will have to look up the number, you can do that here. You can scroll down until you see the city your driving school is at, click it, and scroll down until you find the name of your school. Or you can search by driving school name, it’s totally up to you. Once you find the particular driving school the driving school number (rijschoolnummer) is right below the name.
  • 2
    Because you don’t have a DigiD you can’t give the authorization online. So you will have to do it the old school way. Nothing wrong with a little bit of printing right?Once you have printed the form, fill it out, but it in an envelope and mail it to the CBR. You can find the address of the CBR on the top of the form. You will also need a stamp to send it.
    Click here  to download the CBR Authorization Form.

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