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Authorize your Driving School

It’s a bit of a ‘strange’ decision by the CBR to not make it possible for yourself to just book a practical driving exam, but hey, who are we to question the government right?

Basically, you as an individual have to authorize us, as a driving school, to book a practical exam for you at the CBR  Exam Centre.  Authorizing us is fairly easy if you simply follow the steps below. There are two options, the first one is for the ones who have a so called DigiD. A digid is basically a account you have personally at the government office and which will help you with all kind of government/legal stuff.

Like, let's say you move to a different home or city, a digid will let you do that perticular process digitally. It does require username and password which you will have to apply for, really easy but will take a couple of days to receive. Don't worry if you don't have a DigiD because the second option is for people who don't have a digid.

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