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Welcome to the Best Driving School in Utrecht

Wow that doesn’t happen too often, you are peacefully looking for a Driving School and the first thing you read is a racist headline. Although it may sound a bit “Donald Trumpish” we totally mean it in the most non-racist way!

Almost got y’all worried there, didn’t I? No, I mean I have been speaking English all my life, with my dad at least. I was raised here in the Netherlands but English is like my 2nd native tongue. Either way, let’s get this awkward introduction out of the way and get this show on the road…

Who is This for?

People who are in the Netherlands for a couple years and want a quick driver’s license conversion course

People who are new in the area and just want a couple of driving lessons to try and fit in

People who are bilingual, like me and just prefer to do their driving course in English

People who only want a female driving instructor, as we have several of those.


I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!

I had an amazing time driving with Kim! She was lovely in every aspect and gave great lessons. She was calm and explained everything in detail, even after being asked the same question over and over again. The atmosphere during the lessons was relaxed and comfortable. She gave me great confidence when driving and encouraged me every time. The outside communication with her was also flawless. All in all, I couldn’t have asked for a better teacher!

Celine M.

I truly recommend this school and 10/10 to Kim

My instructor was Kim, her English is flawless which helped me a lot. She is very flexible too related to timings. I remember her coming to teach me 2 hours of lesson at 09:15 PM. I learnt a lot of new things about traffic rules in a brief stint with her. She is a very pleasant person and tailors the lessons as per your comfort. Thanks Kim for your time and teaching me something new. I truly recommend this school and 10/10 to Kim 🙂

Amit D.

Great lessons and a really wonderfull instructor!

I was looking for a driving school in the Utrecht region with an instructor that spoke English (I'm an expat living in the area) and came in contact with driving school We Teach Fast. Great lessons and a really wonderfull instructor. Kim (the instructor) is Dutch, but her English is awesome and she really helped me get my driving license quickly.

Betty B.

Why our Driving School?

Quick, no waiting list

We all are busy these days, but we are always quiet. We believe in hiring too much staff, so there is less work for us all to divide. We all are happier, less stressed, less ill and can deliver a way more interesting product. Not being on the waiting list is just a convenient perk that comes with that.

Quality, Techniques and Philosophy

We all strife for perfection and all the driving instructors of Rijschool WTF are select for having that quality. This strict selection of instructors in combinations with our “easy going” philosophy ensures great quality. Recently we evolved a couple of new teaching techniques that we can really talk that we are most happy to introduce to you in one of our free driving lessons.

Female Driving Instructors

We don’t discriminate, to put it in a real Dutch way. At Rijschool WTF everyone is treated the same. The guy who can’t drive at all, the examiner, the cleaners, all races, all religions. So why still differentiate the female driving instructors?

We have both male and female driving instructors who are both evenly flexible as it comes to when and where to drive.


Yes, we do understand, it’s not easy finding a good driving school, especially online. All these scammy driving instructors these days. Usually if you browse around the website a bit you can at least find out how serious they take their marketing, lol. Which is unfortunately not exactly what you are looking for...

The thing you really need is a...

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*prices change on January 1st in accordance with annual inflation


Please don’t look at prices alone, we all know it is the first thing you would do but just don’t. We also all know that if you buy cheaply, you will have to buy more often and will end up paying more than you would if you chose for the more qualitative option in the first place.

This is a bit how it works with our driving school as well. The better the lesson, the less lessons you will need to pass your exam. The more fun you have during the lessons, the more you learn, the faster will you own a Dutch Driver’s License!

How many Driving lessons do you need?

How many lessons you will need is one of the nine things I just mentioned... And completely depends on the previous driving experience you have had. In my experience it is best to do a Free tryout driving lesson to check your skill level. After a little drive around we will have a pretty nice estimate for how much lessons you need.

If you are a newbie

People who are starting out with their first and second driving lessons will need an estimate of 25 lessons. And that's just our experience and also strongly depends on personal performance.

If you have a decent amount of experience

For the people who are looking for a conversion course it may seem easier than it looks at first glance. You would think that it would be a piece of cake to pass the practical exam because you have a driver’s license from another country. Unfortunately, Holland is known for its strict and possibly confusing rules and it can be perceived more difficult than for a newbie with no experience.

Sometimes it’s harder to get rid of old habits than it is to just learn new ones. If you want an estimate, between 10-15 lessons should cover a successful conversion.

All depends on the Free Lesson

After all, it depends on how the first free lesson goes. The above mentioned figures are just averages. At the end of the day are you the one who is bringing the money so you decide how much lessons you want to pay for.

Sharing is Caring

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Where we Drive

If you draw an imaginary circle around along the following small towns and cities, Amersfoort, Soest, Bilthoven, Breukelen, Harmelen, Woerden, Nieuwegein, Houten. But guys, please don’t panic if you just live outside of the ‘circle’ I just tried to depict.

We will find a way to get you a driver’s license too! If you really live outside that circle unfortunately we can’t really help you. Unless, you find 2 more people who want to drive at Rijschool WTF and we can come to where you are and do the lessons there! Just contact our customer service before to authorize everything.

At Rijschool WTF, everyone deserves a Free Lesson. Here are 9 questions you can answer with: “Get a Free Try-out Lesson

You want to know if this is the driving school for you?

You want to know how the atmosphere is in the car during the lessons?
You want to know exactly how much driving lessons you need?
You want to know what it is going to cost you?
You want to know how the car feels when you drive?
You want to know how effective the lessons are?
You want to know what the first possibility is for a practical test?
You want to just drive around and do nothing for 60 min?
Would you do us a favor and just? (ok that’s not a real question)

Just Saying...

Operating hours

Basically we do not have operating hours. Because of our flexible instructors there is not really a maximum time limit, so you can catch us driving students around well after “goeden tijden, slechte tijden” (one of the worst soaps in the Netherlands for those who don’t know). We also, more regularly, start really early (like 4 or 5 am) to do 3 or 4 lessons in a row. Works brilliantly!

For these “irregular hours” please hit us up a week in advance to ensure availability.

Any Questions? Or Need Some Help?

Please contact one of our customer agents, they will be happy to help you with any enquiries you may have. Also they can advise you or answer quick questions if you are on the fence. They can take a look at open spots on the calendar and give you a rough calculation on what your lessons will cost.